Out-Patient Care :-
Optimise patient flow

Smoother patient flow | Real time Patient overview | Accurate information to Doctor

Patient scheduling software which informs Hospital staff of patient arrivals and provides proximity aware information to outdoor patients during their hospital visits. For doctors it helps to get automated patient information.


In-Patient Care :-
Better Staff-patient interaction

Save Costs | Reduce Stress| More Comfort

Patient friendly app that allows direct communication between patients and nurses in the hospital via touch button functionality. It allows better way to ask for help. For hospital nurses and help staff real time resource requirements translates to more efficient planning.


At-Home Care :-

Provide possibility for patients to communicate with hospital staff after discharge. Via smart watches we monitor patient health when they go back home (with patient consent).

About Blemed

For the organized healthcare institutions BLEMed provides proximity aware software to register patients , monitor in real time patients / hospital staff / valuable hospital articles and provide patient & staff scheduling software

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