Location sharing

Share your location with someone with one touch. Stop and resume sharing anytime.

BLEMED advanced location-sharing solution enables mobile users to share their real-time location and to locate friends and colleagues in large venues and hot-desking workspaces. The BLEMED-powered mobile app doesn’t stop just there. It also makes wayfinding to people and places of interest super easy.


Proximity messaging

Marketing solutions play important role in healthcare domain reputation. Patients can receive tips and suggestions in the form of beacons push notification.

BLEMED - 3 ways beacons support healthcare marketing-

Personalized patient centric messaging.

Proximity or Location based notification.

Combine digital and offline marketing.

Automated patient registration

Automated entry and access

Optimised Patient Flow

Shorter waiting time for patient

Quick access to patient information

Enhanced hospital security

Interactive chatbot- Indoor Navigation

Location Sharing



Optimised Patient Flow

Patient scheduling software which informs Hospital staff of patient arrivals and provides proximity aware information to outdoor patients during their hospital visits. For doctors it helps to get automated patient information.


Interactive Chatbot for Indoor Navigation

1. Indoor navigation assistant

Using BLEMED App ask for any point of interest– “where is the restroom?” or “

Where is the Orthopedic department ? “ it will guide you to the destination…

2. Personal assistant:

Establish contact with hospital admins in case of emergency

Able to suggest health information to the patient.

About Blemed

For the organized healthcare institutions BLEMed provides proximity aware software to register patients , monitor in real time patients / hospital staff / valuable hospital articles and provide patient & staff scheduling software

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